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We specialize in customizing on-site Specialty programs to suit your needs, budget, and schedule. Our staff bring real-life rescue experience to every student we encounter.

General Course Duration Options

Interactive Lecture Only: Customized from 2 to 8 hours
Interactive Lecture & Hands On Training: 1, 1 1/2 or 2 day programs

Rapid Intervention Teams- RIT Awareness & Operations

Course Type: Lecture & Hands On Training

Rapid Intervention Teams – RIT Awareness & Operations combines a 3 hour lecture with 1 or 2 days of Hands-On training. Practical evolutions provide multiple realistic, street-proven techniques for locating, packaging, and moving the downed firefighter. OSTA instructors focus on your specific agency’s tools and manpower limitations and assist in the development of crew problem solving abilities by offering true-to-life firefighter rescue scenarios. All evolutions revolve around the rescue and removal of downed firefighters. This course is a must for any firefighter or department dedicated to Saving Our Own!

NOTE- This course involves extreme physical activity.

The First Due Engineer

Course Type: Lecture & Hands On Training

Much has been written about the many tasks or positions associated with being first due: the fire-due engine company, the first handline, the first-due officer … the list goes on. Unfortunately, little has been written about the fire-due Engineer. The First Due Engineer course reviews various tasks that must be completed to ensure the success of the first arriving crews. Instructors will cover topics such as role and responsibilities, anticipating needs, training topics, and tasks not commonly considered by the Engineer. Also discussed, tips and tricks that senior Engineers have learned out over time to help support the fireground; beyond the hook up and look up that remains the focus of many departments.

Quick Drills for the Driver/Operator 

Course Type: Lecture & Hands On Training

The role of the driver/operator is arguably one of the most important functions on the fireground. From safe transportation to and from the emergency scene to operating an engine or ladder truck at the scene of a multi-alarm fire, a competent and proficient driver/operator is critical to the overall success of the operation.

This interactive class includes several quick drills that can be done at the firehouse or in the response district. Drills range from 10-minute fireground hydraulic drills to complex troubleshooting of a fire pump, how and when to short-jack a tower ladder as well as positioning aerial master streams without personnel in the bucket. These drills incorporate relevant topics which students can share with their home fire departments.

Leading Edge Specialty Courses
OSTA courses are adaptable to your department’s individual needs and can be customized based on response areas, staffing, and apparatus considerations.

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